To whoever is visiting this page,

What a big surprise to see you over here. I wonder what you were looking for. Possibly you were looking for detailed information out me, Jeffrey. Or maybe -or is it ‘more specifically’- you were looking for my portfolio? If so, then I’m disappointing you while you are reading this. Because there is nothing to see here people. Carry on.

I know. Designers should have a portfolio. A rock solid one, which screams ‘you definitely want to work with me’. I don't have one of those out in the open, as I believe that the work of a true UX designer isn’t about the designs. It isn't about the ingenious interaction, the best design principles or the smoothest animations. Not even close.

So, there is nothing to see here. Out of respect for the work that goes into the entire process. Sure, I can tell you about my work. I’ll be happy to do so! Just get in touch with me and we’ll meet up. I’ll talk you through what you want to know about me, my work and my addiction of sneakers.

Talk to you soon.